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Hi! I'm Toba85 and this is my site Toba85's Saiyan Page. I hope you like the new layout. If you don't know what this site is about, it's about the three Japanese anime's Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, and Dragon Ball GT. In here you can lots of information on the show and images. You can click your destination at the left. So hope you enjoy this wonderful website.

2.12.00 Today the new layout showed up (thanks alot HellRaiser). Hope you like this new layout. And this site can be found at now. Also I got word that Cartoon Network is going to play the rest of teh DBZ seris up to the Cell Saga this time, but then again its only a rumor.
1.5.00 I Won an award.I also added tons of gifs. Most of wich (NEW ones) are made by EVOT his link is in the links section as A Page with Gifs.
12.28.99 I have a few new Gifs and US DBZ section. In a few days I should have 105 gifs so come back and see them.
12.18.99 I now have a Top Sites. So if you have a page and want some hits Please, please add your site. I added a link to the Top sites I'm on. So please again vote for me. I have a new banner Which one do you like. The new or old one. E-mail me and tell Me. you like best the old one or new one. People please give me some suggestions.The more e-mails I get the more I update so e-mail!!

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