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This is a what if story . What if 20 Saiyans, 12 male,
survived the destruction of Planet Vegeta. It takes place
? 1 year after Freeza's death. The saiyans beleive they are
the only left and set up a colony on X-81.

Chapter 1

On the planet of X-81 the twenty saiyans, who believed
to be last of their kind. They killed the original
inhabitants of the area, the Atyls. They soon set up a town.
Eight of the males took a wife and the other four, the focus
of this story, set up a type of government. One of the four
being the leader, who named himself Vegeta, he was the
strongest of them all. His power being about 3,286.
The other three were the soldiers of the town. The
strongest, who was named by Vegeta, Nappa . He was the
leader of the soldiers. His power being 2,753.
The other two were named Yoli and Gydah. Yoli ,the
stronger of the two, power was 2,025. Gydah was at 1,987.
Vegeta was sitting in his throne. The throne room was
a dark eerie place. The room was much to Vegeta's delite,
because the last planet he was on had a distant sun.
The sun was a hot star but didn't give of much light.
Vegeta had grown accustomed to that kind of
enviroment. So the room made him feal at home.
Then suddenly Nappa and his soldiers came though
the door. This put him in a bad mood. He was having a
peaceful time with his thoughts.
"Master Vegeta, we have picked two ki powers south
of this location, about ten miles. The power read
about 2,200 and 1,850. Should we go and investigate this."
said nappa imediatally on entering the room.
"Nappa do as you please and try to enjoy youself"
Vegeta replied trying to get him out of the room as
soon as possible to be left to his thought again.
"Yes Master" he said as he quickly fled the room.
Nappa and his soldiers walked outside the palace. He turn
as if he was nervous. He hadn't had fight for about two
months, but he wasn't nervous he was more like anxious.
"Well men we have some work to do" Nappa said as he felt
it had been a lifetime since he said that.
At that the saiyans charged up and set off to find
the two ki power that had suddenly appeared the
day before.


About 10 minutes later the saiyans slowed down and
landed about 100 feet from the two newly found foes.
Nappa quickly checked their power levels.
The first was a hairy, strong, dog faced creature.
His power was 2,171. He was definetly the stronger of
the two.
The second was crocodile faced, reptilian monster.
His power was 1,724.He looked familair to Nappa. He may
have been an attacker on the Saiyans and
Nappa may of seen him . This made Nappa dislike him
even more.
"Who are you two and what are you doing on this backwater
planet?" asked
Nappa asking in a demanding voice.
"We work for Freeza and were here to wish him back"
replieded the dog faced creature.
"How can you do that, with what!!"
"You don't know and you live here?"
"No we just move here , you see we are the last of
the Saiyans."
"SAIYAINS! no way. Freeza destroyed your people a
long time ago. You guys are nothing to Freeza!"
"You dog! You die for that remark!"
This enraged Nappa. His power skyrocked to over
3,000 as he suddenly
attacked. He swong at the creatures head, but the
creature ducked just in time.
"Remember this name saiyan for this is the name of
your death! That name is Trorin!!" screamed Trorin
that Nappa attacked with a ki blast that totally
decintigrated Trorin.
Then his partener attacked with a ki blast of his own,
but Nappa easily evaded that attack by flying up. Then
the croc appeared behind the Saiyan and double axe blow
and sent the Saiyan speeding to the ground. This attack
was sudden but not enough to defeat the Saiyan for he
landed on his feet.
"You fight better than your partener! I almost forgot
about you. Well now you go to meet Freeza!" Nappa flew
speeding up to the croc. Then as came close he teleported
behind him and kicked him to the ground. Then Nappa
charged and sent a ki blast after him. He landed on the
ground almost died.
"Ha ha haha ha"laughed he croc.
"What? what so funny ,your dieing!" yelled Nappa.
"Well you see this helmet. It's just like a scouter
and it is communicater.Now all of Freeza's men know of
your existence and will arrive in about a year maybe more"
" No. this can't be aahhhh!!" with that Nappa shot a
blast which incenerated the croc thing.
"Way to go Nappa" yelled Yoli
"I thought that we would have a chance to fight"
added Gydah
"Well men let us be off. We need to give Vegeta a
report" commented Nappa.
With that the Saiyans left faster that they had arrived.

Chapter 2

The three Saiyans arived back at the town. They
landed and begain
to walk to the Palace.
As they arrived they noticed Vegeta was waiting
outside."Master Vegeta we found the two and killed
them." said Nappa
"And?" asked Vegeta
"Well they worked for Freeza and were here to
find some sort of place to wish him back to life.
So when we killed the two the last one said that
the rest of Freeza's men will be here to destroy us
and wish Freeza back to life. This will all happen
after a year."
"Well then we must train. All the Saiyans must
train. I want to know were this place is to make
a wish. " demanded Vegeta.
"Yes sure!" Nappa turned and went to his
quarterd to think.
After Nappa had gone a Saiyan came to vegeta
with news.
"Sir, We have good news."said the Saiyan.
"Speak" demanded Vegeta
"Well the population of the Saiyans is now 22.
My wife just had twins. By the way there are two
more pregnant women."
"Good . The Saiyan race is on a increase for
once." Vegeta then turned to go in then stoped. "Hey
tell Nappa I want to see him" vegeta called after
the Saiyan.
"Yes Sir." said the saiyan.
Then Vegeta turned and headed to his throne.
It had been a long day. The news of Freeza's men
coming, the secret place, and the increase of
Saiyans. Today would be longer for he was going to
train and spar with Nappa for a while.
No long after he had got comfortable Nappa came
into the room.
"Yes Master you called?" asked Nappa.
"Well Nappa we have to train some to increase
our power levels to match that the coming people. We
must train all the Saiyans. Tomorrow, bring Yoli and
Gydah with. So lets get started. I had a training room
built on. Its 3 stories and is as big as 200 yards
wide and long. It will all the power blast you and
I can dish out. It also has a gravity increaser."
"Yes I know I have seen it. Pretty hard to miss"
"Don't get smart Nappa"
So they their way to the training room. Nappa got
on one side Vegeta on the other.
"Let's started with a little sparing, What do
you say Nappa" asked Vegeta.
"What ever you say your the boss." replied Nappa.
Vegeta feelt tired. He knew that he would still be
able to beat Nappa, wait Nappa power level has incre-
ased to. He quickly checked the scouter., It read 2,842.
No maybe it still want be that hard.
"Go ahead Nappa whenever your ready."
"OK ahhahhhhhh!!!" Nappa powered up "ahhhh" all of
the sudden Nappa attacked speeding toward Vegeta. Than
stopped and shot blast then fly up and attacked from
Both these attacks were nothing and easily evaded
by Vegeta. After dodgeing the air attack Vegeta flew
and also shot a blast directly at Nappa. Nappa flew up
to evade it. With Nappa distracted by the blast Vegeta
teleported behind him and kicked him in the back. Than
punched him from above and sent Nappa to the ground.
"Well Nappa, Your not as strong as I thought"
This made Nappa mad. He got off the ground and flew
to attack Vegeta. Once again this attack was futile.
Vegeta easily block all the punches Nappa threw.
Exausted Nappa had nothing left. He had gotten to
angry and wasted to much power.
"Alright Nappa that enough Nappa. Go get some rest We.
have a long day ahead of us." said Vegeta
"Yes Master Vegeta."
Vegeta followed Nappa out of the room and then went
to his bed to rest.
In the matter of seconds after laying down he fell

Chapter 3

The next day Vegeta woke and got his Saiyan
armor on. On his way to his throne room Nappa stopped.
"Master Vegeta you wanted us to train today.
Should we get on early start , and we seem to have
found a plant called Senzu . A Saiyan was working and
he saw a plant. This plant had beans on it and took
a bite. Then he felt as if his power was restored."
said Nappa.
"Really were was this bean"
"I not sure, but I will get some for our training.
We can train all day and not get tired."
"Yes get some and get Yoli and Gydah. We will
start training in one hour"
"Yes Sir"
Nappa left the room.
"This could be good. If this bean does as he says
we should have no problem with Freeza men. We may
not have to train the other Saiyans too." Vegeta


In exactly one hour Nappa, Gydah and Yoli showed
up the throne room. Gydah was nervous. He knew he
would have to fight someone more powerful then him.
Nappa was also, for the day he had took a beating.
"Master Vegeta, We have some beans and
we're ready to train." said Nappa.
"Yes. Follow me." commanded Vegeta.
They followed him one by one into the room .
"Alright we are going to train at 2x gravity.
It will be a little hard to stand but you'll get
used to it." after saing that Vegeta turned and punched
in a couple of keys on a control panel.
When he did each of the saiyans felt as if their
power was sucked out of them. They still stood though.
Vegeta was suprised that Gydah and Yoli could.
"Ok than who's going first?" asked Vegeta.
"Well I would say Gydah and Yoli" replied Nappa
who really didn't want to fight right of hand. He
wanted to get a little more used to the gravity
"OK I'll go with that." said Yoli.
Then both the Saiyans began to charge to their
power. Both quickly noticed the effects of the
gravity increase.
Yoil was the first to attack. He flew up and
out of no where Yoli shot three rapid shots.
Gydah managed to evade two but the third was a direct
hit. He flew back but, quickly stopped himself.
At this Gydah flew directly at Yoli. He kicked
Yoli in the chest.
Yoli while falling back skot a KI blast. It
caught Gydah right in the chest. He hit the ground
and gave up. He was done for the match.
"Alright Yoli good job. Nappa me and your turn.
Give Gydah a bean. We'll see what they really do."
said Vegeta.
Nappa flew over to Gydah and gave him a bean.
Sure enough Gydah stood up as good as new.
"I feel great. Thanks. Those could come
in handy." said Gydah.
"Good give a half to Yoli." said Vegeta
just to see if it could work on anybody.
Sure enough the samething happened.
"Even half is enough. So Nappa me and your
turn. How many beans do you have left?" asked
"I have 4 more and half. So lets get it on
aahhhhhhhh!!" Nappa quickly powered up.
"So Nappa your stronger than the last time,
But remember your in 2x gravity." said Vegeta
Nappa attacked first. He shot four Ki blasts at
Vegeta. Vegeta reflected all them. That made
Nappa angry.Once again Nappa powered up over 3,100.
Nappa teleported directly in front of Vegeta
face and shot a blast out his mouth.
Vegeta was knocked back and hit the ground
hard. Nappa then flew in the air and shot a huge
Ki blast. Vegeta got up and shot one of his own
that went through Nappa's and hit him. Nappa fell
back to the ground. Vegeta then teleported behind
Nappa and kicked him up in the air and teleported
above him and hit him with a double axe blow back
to the ground.
"Well Nappa your srtonger than I thought. Last
time it was a breeze. Take a bean and give me one."
Vegeta said.
So both Nappa and Vegeta took a bean.
Vegeta turned the gravity down.
"Nappa go get some more beans. We will train
some more."
"Yes Sir"
So they trained some more after that decided
to plant some more beans So they all had increased
in power.
Vegeta decided to go to 3x gravity the next day
since that had increased so much.

Chapter 4

Vegeta awoke to Nappa calling his name.
"Vegeta were under attack by about 20 Atyl with
levels of 450 - 2,000." yelled Nappa.
Vegeta got up ran out side there he saw 20 Atyl
as Nappa had said. He took a power level check.
1. 567 2. 734 3. 980 4. 457
5. 1,753 6. 1,679 7. 813 8. 1,213
9. 661 10. 1,002 11. 943 12. 1,211
13. 1,817 14. 753 15. 1,203 16. 517
17. 483 18. 1,014 19. 2,000 20. 856.
They weren't to powerful but there were a lot
of them.
"What do you want with us. We haven't done
anything to you. We just want to live peacefully."
lied Vegeta.
"Well what do you think happened to all those
people who lived here. We are here to wipe you out."
said #19, the strongest.
After a few minutes all the male saiyans were outside
faceing the Atyls. 20 to 12.
"OK lets take this somewhere else. Follow me."
demanded Vegeta. "Nappa go get some more beans we might
need then. Nappa, Gydah and Yoli come with me. The rest
stay close by we may need you".
"Yes Sir" all the saiyans said in unison.
So Vegeta took off and flew about 2 miles away from
his town with the three saiyans the Atyls folowing close.
He then slowed and stopped and faced the Atyls.
"How many beans to you have Nappa?"asked Vegeta.
"Who goes first? We'll fight one on one. If one wins
the next time they have to face two and so on to whoever
loses all people. The last standing wins.If you win we
find another planet. If we win you give us all the land
in a 10 mile radius. All Atyls in that area must clear
out. Is that a Deal?" asked Vegeta
"Sure Whatever." replied 19.
"Gydah go first" demanded Vegeta.

............See Part Two coming soon