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Page opened

I have recently added a fanfiction.

recently added links. Email me your Url.Put my link on your
page and I'll add yours. If you have a banner I put that here too.
If any one liked my fanfiction e-mail me and tell me. I'll write the second
part. Send me your suggestions.

I added a character Bios. Section. It's not that big though.
I have changed the name and have a new banner.
E-mail me and tell me which one
you like best the old one
or new one.

Well I have a link banner now and if you want to see it or you want to add this link
just go to the links page and edit copy the html code at the bottom and
then paste it in your links section. Then you just E-Mail me and tell
you did and give me your link and I add yours. I also have been working
on my Character Bios so go chach out the new ones. I added a pull
down window in all the main section so go check that out

I Have added the movie power levels. These are all origanal. I watched the
movies and started writing what I thought they where. I have adda a lot bios
So go see the new ones. If you have any nominations for site of the month
for January E-mail them to me. I'm going to start taking them so I can
tally them at the end of this month.

I adde the thing to the right. I've been slacking off the last week. I added
a few gifs. Krillin gifs 2, a goku and cell and buu gifs 2. I going to add
a news section tomorrow and put all my updates/news in them. I heard this
time they are going to run the series in Cartoon Network to the Cell saga.
So evey body see it! If they don't I'm sorry. I just heard a few rumors.

All I did was add a few odds and ins. A new news section
Also a new banner and I'm on a new top sites so everyone go
to my links page and vote. I really need some fanfics
so if have any E-mail me them and your name. I need some
Janaury page nominations for Page of the month. If
any one wantsd their link added email it to me and
make sure you have my link on your page first.

I now have a Top Sites. So if you have a page and want
some hits Please, please add your site. I added a linkt to the
Top sites I'm on. So please again vote for me. I have a new banner
Which one do you like. The new or old one. E-mail me and tell Me.
you like best the old one or new one. People please
give me some suggestions.The more e-mails
I get the more I update so e-mail!!

Well not much new. I have a few new Gifs
and US DBZ section. In a few days I should
have 105 gifs so come back and see them.
In two days the Garlic Jr. Saga starts so
watch it