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Vegeta stood silently and expressionless. He watches as his daughter Bra
is training against her older brother Trunks. He watches very carefully each
hit and each block. He never thought she would show any real interest to
fight. In her younger years she never asked to spar.
Though she did learn to fly. Yet, she soon learned that, that would not
be enough. Bra's sudden interest to fight came from an unexpected and
terrible event.........
Not to long from her now present training perhaps a few months, Bra and
Bulma were attacked. Both Vegeta and Trunks were gone from their home. The
capsule corporation is well known for it's hi- tech robotics and electronics.
Even a few gizmos could be worth thousands. With this in mind two heavily
armed thieves broke into the capsule corporation. Having lived years with two
super sayians, Vegeta and Trunks have caused Bulma to not keep the main
alarms on at night. She didn't think she needed it any more with her son
husband around!!
The two thieves disconnected what ever alarm that was in the house,
therefore the thieves got through the main part of the house undetected.
while Bulma was showing Bra how to fix the new hard drive into the main
computer.Bulma saw a flashing light against the wall. Though the main
switch was off Bulma still had other alarms. She knew some one had came into
the her home. But who?? The computer indicated that the intruder was in
sector 12. The storage room???
Bulma wondered if it was Vegeta or Trunks? She and Bra entered the
room.Bulma turned on the lights while saying both names. Soon both her and
her daughter were approached from the back with lazar guns. They were told to
"be still or fry"!! Both women froze as they felt the cold guns in their
side. Bulma was not going down so easy. She turned around with an alarming
speed and kicked the gun right out of the man's hands. She in turn, caught
the gun and pointed it at him. The crooks were awestruck. Living with Vegeta
had it's advantages! Still the other crook still held Bra with a gun. Bra
flew up quickly and tried to get her mother and fly away while the two crooks
stood shocked. Frighted they shot one time, it hits Bulma. They panicked at
sight of Bra flying and fled.
Bulma was bleeding badly and was fading fast. Bra called the hospital and
they came quickly. Bra left a note behind telling her father and brother to
meet tem at the nearest county hospital. At the hospital Bulma was rushed
into the emergency room and had to be operated on immediately. Her wounds
were stabilized and the doctor said she wound need round the clock care and
medication. She did loose a lot of blood and had to be closely wacthed.with
this the doctor left.
Soon Trunks and Vegeta arrive. She told them what the doctor said and she
had tears in her eyes.
Trunks: What the hell happened?? Why is mother like this??
Bra: They were people who brook in, crooks. Mama Thought it was either of you
two at first. They shot, it hit mama....
Trunks: Your alright??
Bra: Forget about me it's mama that, oh god it's all ,my fault.
Finally Vegata speaks, he has been quiet with his arms folded in the
classic pose.
Vegeta: Your fault you said, explain. Now.
Bra: Because even mama managed to get the gun away from the man, she kicked
the gun away and turned it on him. If I could have only done the same....
Vegeta: I don't know what to tell you Bra..
Trunks: Father, wait we should have been there instead of training, so far
way from the home.

With those words she flew out the hospital window... Trunks went go after
his sister Vegeta grabbed his son's arm and stopped him from going after her.
Vegeta: Let her go. She's going to be like this for a while.
Trunks: I.... I guess you are right.
Vegeta walks over to his badly injured wife. He raises the sheets to
examinve her wounds carefully. Anger flares through him, if they were still a
Vegeta planet the men who did this would endure a faith worse then death!!
How dare they do this?? To attack his mate the would be the rightful queen of
planet Vegeta!!
Trunks: Father you need to talk to Bra.You can't make her think this is her
Vegeta: If you think that I'm going to tell her that she is wrong. I'm not.
She is half sayian and half human. A hybrid. Much more powerful that she
could ever had been If she were a pure sayain. If she how to control just a
fraction of the power she would be almost invincible to a mere human armed
with a gun!!! Your power is more than just power, it's a part of your
culture your heritage. It's not directly Bra's fault, yet if she had at least
the same defense as Bulma did she would not be in this bed, almost dead.
Trunks: I see, you know what? In one of those rare cases you are right
father, but what a terrible way to learn. Wait.. What are you doing the
doctor said....
Vegeta: I know what he said. Your mother's technology for healing if far more
advanced. Bra knows how to operate them, she will heal much quicker there.
Come open the window.
Trunks just nods in agreement with his father. Vegata disconnects
everything carefully and wrap his unconscious wife in the blankets. They fly
home, Vegata with Bulma in his arms.
As soon as they reach home. Vegeta has Bra hook her up to the machinery.
Within hours her vital signs grow stronger, her heart rate is steady and
normal she is doing better. She has yet to open her eyes and speak. She is
still unconscious. Bra cares for her each day as Vegata seems to watch her
day and night. Trunks brought by roses and placed it by her bedside. Vegeta
always wondered why female humans took such sentimental value in those dead
weeds!! Day and night, night and day, Vegeta can be seen with his arms folded
waiting in the corner oft the room.Blankly staring at his mate. It has been a
week now and finally she opens her eyes...................
Bulma: Bra ??
Vegeta moves to her side.
Vegeta:Bra is fine. You were in the hospital. I chose to take you home. You
should heal quicker here. Who did this to you?
Bulma:Oh, common crooks,
Vegeta: I would love to have a word with them.
Bulma: Yha, im sure you would right?? Ouch!! Still the pain hurts so much.
I guess I shouldn't try to move. I feel so cold. (She reaches to touch
Vegata's face with her hand, he leans closer,and kneels toward the bed so
she can touch his face) I don't want to be alone.
Vegeta: You won't be alone. I will stay with you then. You know, Bra thinks
what happened is her fault... she told me you managed to get the gun away. No
doubt you are becoming more aggressive cause of me. Anyway, she told me that
she couldn't do the same cause of lack of
her defense.
Bulma: I know it's late but bring her too me, please.
Vegeta exits the medical room to get his daughter Bra. She is exited at
the news and runs ahead of her father to the medical room.
Bra:You are awake that is great!!!( She hugs her mom gently as she can)I'm
so, so, sorry. (Teras began to flow) It's my fault...
Bulma: Why would you think that!! It's not your fault that those men came in
Bra: I should have defended you.
Bulma: You listen to me, those bastards, did this not you!!!
Vegeta: She should know how to fight.
Bulma: Vegeta, stop it what the hell is wrong with you!!!
Bra:He IS RIGHT MAMA. (With this Bra exits the room)
Vegeta: You must not baby her, she is twenty years olds.She should know how.
Bulma: But it's not her fault, damn it Vegeta do you know what this can do to
her?? Talk to her now. Tell her it's not her fault.
Vegeta: Fine I will do it tomorrow.
Bulma: No, NOW!
VEGETA: Women even half dead you are still a pain, I will do as you ask but
I'm not staying with you.
Bulma: Whatever!!! Just make sure you switch me on the bigger medical bed,
Because we can't fit on the one I am on now. Make sure you attach my I.V.

Bulma just smiles knowing that Vegeta hates it when she tells him to do
something that he don't want to do. He hates it when he says he won't do
something yet she knows it's an empty threat. Over the years she has
to read his actions well. Vegeta talks to Bra and tells her the importance of
battle and power. He tells her with a fake tone that's it not her fault. Yet
he lets her know she should know how to fight as well as she can walk. He
returns to the medical room.
He disconnects the I.V., just like she said to do, and picks he up and
places her on the biggest medical bed. He then reattaches the I.V., he puts
a small amount of painkiller into the I.V. He lays down beside her and
wacthes her sleep. He slept beside her untill morning.

VEGETA:(He kisses his still sleeping mate on her still lips) She is still
sleeping. Good.
(Bra enters)
Bra: Father can you train me now, I want to learn
Vegeta: Very good, yet I will not train you. Your brother will, and when you
reach his level then you can spar with me. Only then.
Bra: Thank you. ( she leaves) Trunks walks in.....
Trunks : I know mother is better, I heard voices in here late night. You
spent the night in her with her??
Vegeta: Nosy boy, I want you to start training your sister.
Trunks: IT'S going to be a long week..( He exits the room)
Vegeta: You get well soon woman I am starving.
Soon Bulma is able to walk around the house, she can be seen stagering to
the kitchen and back as Vegeta screams at her to lay down. Though he secretly
admires her determination. Soon enough she is better and no longer needs
anyone to help her around. One morning she is changing in front of the miror.
She sees the great scar.....
Bulma:This scar is horrible
Vegeta: Makes no diffrence to me
Bulma :It makes me want to hide from you.
Vegeta: Use the dragonballs and wish your scar away. We couldn't use it to
help heal you becasue the Nameks just used the balls withih the last 130
days..... It can be used know though. All three wishes.
Bulma: Call upon the dragon for such a petty wish!?
Vegeta: Didn' t Krillen wish for hair and that nasty robot to be human?? If
that is not beyond petty what the hell is.
Bulma: That's not nice!!
Vegeta: Then my wife could wish for whatever!! He should of wished for a nose
if you ask me!!
Bulma: That is enough!!!. Sheesh!!
Soon after wards Vegeta can be seen wacthing his son and daughter train
in the new glass areana Bulma made. It was a present for Vegeta from her.
It's a huge dome and the dome top is pure nearly indecsrcutable glass, 5 feet
thick. It is good enough to withstand a moderate ki blast!! This is where
the begining of this story takes place, where he is wacthing his daughter
never thinking she would one ady be a warrior. Soon he stops wacthing and
gets goimg for his search for the dragon balls. He has the radar so it can be easier.
Bulma comes to the dome after Vegeta just left. She has heard about her
daughter's decision to fight and wonders if it is guilt or has her sayian
part of her finally come out. Fighting is in her blood. After all she is
Vegeta's daughter. Bulma's feels a slight sadness, Bra was almost the same
as her the intelligence, looks and all. Then again, if she were to start
fighting she knew that passion would be stronger. Bulma felt bad she was the
only weakling human.It's her own fault own that she got hurt. How dose
chichi do it?? How does she feel among these power houses?? Always relying on
their strenghth. Bra was the most normal. Bulma thinks to herself.
Bra is also female, who will she relate too?? Atleast Trunks has his
father. Who will Bra have? Bra needs som form of mentor to help her
understand the female part along with the sayian part together. Bulma thinks
to herself that she will help. Mean while she wacthes her two
Bra: Must you move so swiftly? Your not that strong it's just your speed!
Trunks: Get lost sis, I'm fighting you on minium! You want more , do you?? I
don't want mom or dad complaing how I gave thier little girl a boo- boo!!!

With the last insult Bra flies up to the center of the dome, in pure
dertermination. She clenches both of her sweaty fist and concentrates. She
pulls more power from within her. More power than she knew she had. It rushes
through her body as she yells. She glows bright yellow with energy. Her long
blue hair blows back in the surge of her own power. Eyebrows ark and her
face has that grin. Trunks words have angered her......
Bra: Who do you think you are!!!
Trunks:Wow I can't belive it your ki. Its ... its... huge!!
She rushes toward trunks hitting him swiftly and hard, he is forcred to
increase his ki level.
Bra:Still using your lowest on me???
Trunks: No I'm not you should be proud!!
Bra: I won't be proud untill I knock you out!!
Trunks: Nani!!! Don't you dare!
Bra: You will fall brother!!
Bulma sees he look in her daughter's eyes. She pounds the glass for them to
stop! Her daughter is in a sayain rage. She has seen Vegeta and Trunks get
into it. But atleast thier's is controlled.
Bra has stumbled upon way too much power and she is uncontrollable and
unpredicable. Th pounding is useless the glass is sound proof.
Bra is preparing huge energy blast that that will kill if it is not met by
another blast or blocked with an ncrease powerlevel. Trunks knows what he
must do, he must somehow hit his sister with an energy blast strong enough
stop her yet just gentle enough tp daze. He hits sister with the energy
attack it works. Bulma gose to enter the dome...................
Bra: What happned... I got so mad I could of killed you. S,s,s,sorry!! I
don't know what happned I just got lost in that anger .. I....
Bulma: Bra are you alright?? I was wacthing.
Bra: Just a little dazed and hot.
Bulma: you were in a sayain rage, your pride got the best of you. You lost
control. You gave into the power it overwhelmed you.
Trunks: Mother it was my fault I taunted her .
Bra: I took it way too far though...
Bulma: Both of you go clean up, I'll have dinner in a second. It's no one's
Vegeta returns from his dragonballs hunt. He sees his mate in the kitchen
Vegeta: The balls are all in the back yard. Are you reay to make this wish?
Bulma: I get 3 right??
Vegeta: Yes, yes, but do you intend to use all three??
Bulma: Yes it's a surprize!
Vegeta: Hmp! I hate your surprizes!
They entered the backyrd together. The balls are gathered together.
Vegeta stands against the wall waiting for her to summon the dragon. Bulma has
learned to summon the dragon with the Namken lanuage. She learned so easliy
. She even learned to speak it as well. She spoke to the dragon in it's native
tounge. The dragon asked what is her first wish?? She asked the dragon in
Namek to remove her scar!! The dragon replied, it is granted! Then she
raised her shrit to see her scar removed. Now Vegeta was curious what the
hell could she wish for??? the second wish also in Nanmek, make me fully a
sayain, except for hair and eyes!! The dragon repleied, it is granted!! The
last and final wish, was, make me as good a fighter as Vegeta!! With this
last wish the dragon replied "it is done". Trunks and Bra were aware of the
dragon's presense and was not curious, they hace seen the dragon plenty.

Vegeta: What the hell was the other two wishes!!
Bulma looks at her mate and blasts off!! Leaving a shock Vegeta behind.
The sensation was incredible!! She felt like the whole world was hers. Vegeta
closed in on her and was incomplete awe! She flew far in mere minutes out to
open space where she landed.

Vegeta: BAKA!! WHY did you wish for power?? AM I not enough?? You wished to
be sayian, why? Your hair and eyes why aren't they black?
Bulma: I told him to leave those aside. I also want to help train Bra. Plus
I don't want to be a weakling human anymore!!! what's so bad about that?
Vegeta: Will you reverse it??
Bulma: If I want to , if I feel like it. This body is incredible!!
Vegeta: You can say that again!! This could prove to be interesting quite
Bulma : What??
Vegeta: I always wonderd what you would look like in a tail........
Bulma looks at her husband, those eyes that look. He is aroused. She
figures that the tail
must be considerd attractive. He moves closer to her untill his body heat is
against her. The longing in his eyes, his wife has not been intimate with him
since she was injured months ago. She is finally better, and now he wants
her!! Then now he wacthes her tail, this makes his desire for her worst.
Bulma flies up unexpectly at topspeed,showing off. She knows the tail is
appealing to him and she lets it unravel from her waste. He closes in behind
her once again. She flies towards a thick section of bushes and woods.
She can't sense her mate. He is hiding. She hovers 10 feet above the
ground searching turning around in a circle slowly. Suddenly he attacks her
with a force that sends both sayians flying to the ground. He tackles her the
impact tingles. She looks up at Vegeta. She realizes that this is common play
for sayain mates. The impact was a risk, any other human woman would have
been very hurt. She was now truly sayain. He landed on top of her, his legs
squatted down on his knees , her body between them. She tried to get up but
he pinned her with one hand. This was normal sayain play for sayian mates.
Somehow he knew she would know that too. Vegeta smirks.....

Vegeta: I've got you! He raised her fingers to his mouth, he bit the tips
gently. He leaned over and also bit the small of her neck.making his lips rub
against her.
Bulma: You are fast, faster than me!! I guess speed comes with strength
wished for your fighting skills... I thought speed would come along with
Vegeta: You wished for skills like mines, but speed is a equal combination of
both strength and skill. You are faster than a normal sayian warrior but no
where near my speed. It took me years to reach my skills and strength I've
been fighting since I was a boy, it will take you time to become comparable
to my strength. You have to learn.

Her tail slithered from between her legs and wandered into Vegeta's face.
He stoked it gently, it was the same as person petting their cat. If she
could have purred she would! Instead she made a low moan. Vegeta stared at
her with begging eyes fixed on her eyes ,squatting over his mate......

Vegeta: Woman do you want me to beg??
Bulma: Right here in the woods!!! This is not like you.
Vegeta: It is natural, don't you feel it too?? No one is here for hundreds of

Bulma felt it too, the animal instinct, the raw chemical reaction this
new body has given her. She nodded yes to his advances, he preceded slightly
rough but still very passionate. He bites her tenderly all over, slowly
driving her insane. Though Vegeta initiate most of their "get togethers"
, he's never been this aggressive. Never so bold. Bulma knew it was her new
sayain form. She knew that their recent playromp was some sort of sayian bond
that was special to Vegeta. He was excited to say the least. The gentle
nipping and bitting is traditional for sayian mating. She knew this from the
first few times they made love. As time rolled on he eventually learned how
to give physical affection in human manners as well. Bulma wished sometime
that he would nip her more often, she rather enjoyed the nipping more than
she let on and was too shy to tell him so. It seemed now that she is sayian,
he can sense her desires much more clearly. Soon after wards they get dressed
they fly back home.............

Vegeta:Did I surprise you?
Bulma: Yes you did, but it was a good one. Better than mines!
Vegeta: The Children will be shocked at your new form, especially your tail.
Bulma: Yes I know..I wonder how Son Goku and ChiChi will react!!
Vegeta: I wonder too.
They continue to fly around each other, Vegata just keeps smirking flying
way too fast then slowing down trying to get her to increase her speed. She
calls him showoff as they land into the backyard and they enter the kitchen.

Trunks: I turned the oven off mother, it would have burned , what took you so
long, huh?
Bulma: Thank you... I forgot about that . (Bulma hides her tail under her
skirt curled up.)
Bra:Uh, um mom... your hair it has leaves in it, hahha your hair... I've
never seen it so messy.. You have grass on your back all over!!
Trunks: Wait, look at dad, (Trunks laughs) yha dad has a few leaves in his
hair too!!! Whoa, wait is that lipstick on your face.....
Vegeta: Shut up both of you!! It's not what you think. Nosy pests!!

Trunks and Bra hides their giggles behind gritted teeth as they watch
their father wipe off the lipstick and pick out the leaves out of his stiff
hair. Bulma could careless, she is about to reveal her secret. She slowly
floats upward belly down with her chin in her hand, striking a pose.
She lets her tail poke up slowly.

Trunks: NANI!!! YOU WISHED TO BE A SAYAIN!!! That is great!
Trunks: Of course I do!! I can't wait to tell Goton!! Incredible what a cool wish!!
Bra: But why mom!??
Bulma: For a number of reasons, but most of all to help train you, Bra. I
also wished for the skills of your father.
Bra: This is the best day of my life, I can't wait for you to train me!! To
see how you fight!
Vegeta: Enough talk let's eat already.
They look at each other and nod in agreement. They sit down as the robots
bring the food out. Everything is cooked within half the time. Still with all
the technology it is still quite the chore to prepare all the food. The meal
consist of four large roasted chickens, and three pots of pasta, and 4
chocolate cakes for desert. Sayians eat very much, she hopes this will be
enough for Trunks and Vegeta not to mention Bra's new budding appetite. The
training and extensive use of her powers demand more food. As the family
eats, the food is quickly diminished. Bulma takes her usual servings though
it is not nearly enough to satisfy her hunger. Vegeta watches her carefully.
Bulma knows that their isn't much to share anyway. Soon there is none. The
tabel is cleard by robots. Soon afterward they all rush to the dome anxious
to see their new sayain mom in action.
Vegeta watches from inside the dome. He is more excited then he lets on.
Bulma mimics his own moves perfectly. Even the facial expression is similar.
Vegeta feels odd seeing someone else mimic his moves. Bra can barley keep
to block her, even her speed is too much. Still Bra says she is much more
comfortable with her mother as a trainer. Trunks tries his mother out also.
She Is good very good,yet her lack of strength makes for a weakness. In
combat she is no where near Vegeta!! Soon the training is over. This is a new
body, Vegeta warns her that if she over do it she will be sore. She takes a
hot bath to soothe her muscles. Trunks , Bra, and Vegeta all do the same.
the bedroom later on that night Bulma is up, staring out the window she can't

Vegeta: You are hungry aren't you??
Bulma: I guess I have to wait until tomorrow Bra and Trunks raided the
fridge. Everything is all gone. Her new training is developing her sayain
appetite to be just like your and Trunks.
Vegeta: Yes I saw her. She did each much more. Yet you didn't you must be
starving to death.
Bulma: AH, but there is nothing to eat and it is very late.
Vegeta: Yes there is. Put on a warm up suit. We are going to hunt.
Bulma: What?
Vegeta: Don't act like you don't know you must feel the urge.

They both get dressed and fly out.. Far away from the capsule corp. She
follows Vegeta she figures he must hunt regularly. It becomes quite obvious
he is taking her to a specific spot. They land in the thick woods and see a
deer. Just as Vegeta suspects, his mate knows exactly what to do. Hunting is
a sayian instinct, it is not taught. She can smell the animal, she can see it
clearly in the dark night. She is amazed at all this. As if planned they
strike the deer at the same time. The death was swift and clean . The hunt
was another intimate thing sayian mates do with one another. It is a bond
Vegeta only dreamed of forming, until now. Though he was content with his
relationship with Bulma, it was not complete. Until now. Vegeta brings the
catch to a near by stream. He cleans it the best he can. Vegeta has hunt
before and he knows to bring a knife. He cuts the deer and begins to eat it
raw. Bulma refuses at first, she never ate anything raw in her life. Then her
sayin instincts take over and she begins to feed. Bulma eats in disbelief she
can't believe how good it tastes!!! She eats much more than
her mate because she was far more hungry. She eats until she is content.

Vegeta smirks and they head back home.Vegeta can't stop thinking about
how they just bonded. Never in his wildest dreams did he think he would ever
do the traditional things sayain mates do to form bonds. Bulma and Vegeta
wash together in a private shower they have in the bedroom. Bulma teases him,
her tail wagging like a playful pup, she puts her arms around his neck. She
leans over and bites his neck. He is at her mercy. She draws back and they
continue to bath with eyes connected to one nother.She gets out the shower.
Her tail fluffs up beautifully and her now long blue hair is slicks on the
back of her wet skin. He follow her out and host her up over his shoulder. He
places her own the bed and stands looking down at her.
Vegeta: You are beautiful... What are you doing to me?
Bulma: Nani!! You never ever told me that, it must be the tail.
Vegeta: (He whispers) Baka, it is not your tail but the bonds we have formed
today. You feel it too don't you ?
Bulma: Yes. You know what? I want another child wit you.

It is rare occasion but Vegeta smiles a whole smile not a smirk or grin.
He lays in the bed and sits up.
Vegeta: I was just thinking the same. This child would be a hundred percent
Bulma: That is not my reason. I just realized that they are lot of
traditions and things that Bra and Trunks don't know. You all are the last of
a extinct race. I should have done better to uphold the sensible traditions
you have. I would teach this child to be sayain and it would have a sayian
name like you. It will know more of it's heritage. If it's alright with you?
Vegeta It's times like this that I am happy that I have chosen you for a
mate. The happiness that I have inside I can't express with words, let me
show you.........
Bulma smiles and they begin to kiss, the beginning to a very long and
loving night.......
To be continued................. NEXT THE BIRTH OF